800 dead babies a part of our history which is known.

The mass graves, the babies stolen and sold, the one who survived who were subject to medical testing, the one when they were old enough were sent to the industrial schools, to be abused and hired out has farm hand or kitchen drudges, or ended up back in one of the laundries while their mother was a slave in one of the others.

This is how Bastards were treated, and children put in ‘care’ for a range of reasons, one of which was that the mother had died and father’s weren’t seen fit to raise them esp if they were girls.

All this was know. I know it’s coming to a surprise and a shock to some but, it is known. Any family which was poor enough or had members ‘unfortunate’ enough has a connection to such places.

People used to wonder why we had cases of people reared thinking their actual mother was their sister and their grandmother was their mother, the inhumane treatment of unmarried mothers and their off spring are why.

Ask the questions most do not dare, dig back in your families history before those who know are gone, learn, remember and vow that we never end up like that again.

For me Finding out about the institutional abuses started with when the Scandals about the Artane industrial school broke and then Letterfrack.  These storys are out there for those who want to read them, I suggest you do.




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