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Sqweel: a new type of sex toy!

When was the last time you saw an ad for a sex toy? For a lot of people it would be never. While you may have thought this was an ad for Civ 5 it’s for a different type of sex toy.

Most sex toys are usually things which vibrate or used to be penetrated or to penetrate someone with, this one is different and I have to say I do like the product design and how it comes apart for cleaning.

Lovehoney has been around from 2002 and has done well to make buying toys over the internet a none sleazy enjoyable experience and they do listen to feedback about the products they sell and they provide a community space for people to talk about sex, sex toys and to share experiences which many would not talk about to friends face to face.

In 2007 they launched the recycling program for vibrators (which I mentioned in the post ecogasm) and now the Sqweel. I wonder what will be next.

“Pride” and famlies and teachers.

This week is Pride week in Dublin as well as many places around the Globe.
It has been great to see it become a full week with many events on which show a lot more
of the diversity of the LGBTQ community.

The listing of the events can be found here: http://www.dublinpride.ie/

Two which caught my eye is the week long showing of The Wizard of Oz in the Screen Cinema.
Who wouldn’t want a chance to see this on the large screen also it is something I can bring my brats to.

Usually Pride and kids would be something which most people would not think would or should mix,
I have had encounters which were less then friendly when I have been in town with them and brought them to have a look at the parade in previous years. Indeed most people seem to think ‘gay’ people don’t have kids or don’t have contact with kids or should not have contact with kids both those in the ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ communities but that has got to change.

This year Outhouse is having a family fun house event.

Come to the Family Fun House afternoon where there will be clowns, face painters, a bouncing castle, a games console on the big screen and make-and-eat chocolate treats. This is a day for parents to unwind and let the kids have fun, so bring your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousin’s and younger siblings along for some great fun and bring out the kid in you too. (All Children must be accompanied by an adult)

For further information please contact Fiona on (01) 873-4999.

Admission: Free
No tickets required.

I am really glad to see this, people who are lgbt are also parents, aunt, uncles ect and children should in my opinion aware that there are lgbt family members. My own two know that some people like men, and some people like women and some people like both it’s not weird it’s just how people are. This way children grow up with positive messages about
being lgbt and if they are when they grow up they don’t feel so isolated and have no one to relate to which can cause a lot of issues.

This year also in the Pride Parade all the primary and second-level teaching unions (INTO, TUI, ASTI) will have an official presence. This is a huge step forward.

Currently under Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act, schools can fire teachers who are LGBT as it is said to conflict with the ethos of the school, which means as 92% of all primary schools have a catholic ethos, all of those schools can fire a teacher if they are outed. Hopefully this will change there have been calls to have it abolished.

I think all of this is a massive step forward towards shifting away from the idea that ‘Gays’ don’t have families we are after all, someone’s sons and daughters, brother, sister and being lgbt does not make a person anti family, or that they don’t have pride in their family.

You shall go to the gig!

I don’t get to many gigs, between the cost of some of them these days and the brats more often then not I find myself in the position of wishing I could go and it just not happening.

When I heard that the Evelyn Evelyn gig was happening, I decided I was going, it was far enough out that I could make arrangements, so the tickets were booked. Then there was a fecking natural disaster!

Boyfriend stranded in Holland, the band and crew for Evelyn Evelyn stranded also and due to having to work late
my sitter had to cancel, but Amanda Palmer made it and is doing a solo gig. My co parent has offered to take a half day from work and as it turns out there will be a fair few people I know still going to the gig and I have even manged to arrange a lift in.

Note to self: Be your own fairy godmother more often, you’re worth it.


My daughter is now bespectacled.
She had been having some difficulties in school and I knew she has a slight turn in her left eye or stigma which mirrors my own esp when she is tired, so we had the dreaded chat and prepared her for going to the options and having to wear glasses.

She had a dentist appointment earlier in the day which was just a check up and cleaning and then on to the opticians. I found that I prepare her for such events in the same manner that I do her brother. The same running through what will happen, answering as many questions beforehand, explaining what will be acceptable behaviour and make the process easier for then they are in a place they have not been before.

All of which means they both thankfully tend to be cheery and confident and ask only a small amount of questions and focus on what they have to do, which makes things easier on the person examining them and the trip less stressful over all.

It is also fun as a parent to see thing from the point of view of the wonderment of your child as they have a new experience. I was also 9 when I first had to get glasses and I remember by parents doing their best to make sure it was a positive experience for me.
I wanted to do the same so that getting glasses wasn’t a negative thing but just a thing which some people have to do.

Yes, they are, Pink!. There was some difficulty with getting a pair in Pink to fit her as she has it seems a wide head which made finding a pair that fit properly and comfortable an issue to begin with never mind a pair which is Pink. But it was managed with the staff at Vision Express being very helpful and as she likes them and how they look on her, she has been told if they have to be replaced due to her breaking them or being lost then I get to pick the next pair for her.

So far she has had two days in school with them and they are making a difference and thankfully she only has had positive comments from classmates and teachers. Her Dad on discovering she is shortsighted like me did comment that it was my fault but bless her she was swift to correct him saying it wasn’t my fault it was just my and her genes and she may have gotten cool things from having my dna not just short sightedness. I do how ever hope that she will ‘grow out of it’, but the same was said of me and it didn’t happen, so we will see.

What I did over the weekend.

My life is just my life, I do things which I think will be fun, interesting, were I might learn new things and have new experiences. There are times which while pottering away with my life I forget how ‘odd’ it might seem to other people until someone asks me what did I do over the weekend and I tell them.

I just recount to them what I did the same way usually have recounted to me what they got up to over the weekend. I am a pretty out person about most of my ‘oddness’ and most people who know me know this, but every now and then when I do share what I did over the weekend I get a range of responses which make me stop and think.

I don’t know maybe I am just to comfortable in my life and accept that my hobbies and interests are not mainstream and for me spending the weekend arranged around various soccer games would be a very odd way to spent the weekend.

This weekend I went to a special showing of Immodesty’s film ‘Burlesque Undressed’

The Friday evening screening arranged by the The Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club, who as well as having a facebook page there is a Burlesque & Cabaret forum on boards.ie

Then on the Saturday I attended two workshops which had been put on for the BDSM community in Ireland they were
presented by the wonderful Coral Mallow who was funny, informative, engaging and well versed in the topics where were, Body to Body impact play ( all the different ways to use your body in many ways on a partner) and Dominance (a guide for everyone on presence, energy, voice, stance and skills).
The workshops were well attended with about 30 people sitting about in a hotel function room in the middle of the afternoon, listening, laughing and discussing.

I had fun, it was intresting, I did learn new things and was happy in the company of other people who talk about kink and sex in some of the same open ways as I do.
Maybe having been in such open company over the weekend has meant that I wasn’t as careful about how I spoke about what I did at the weekend, but it sure wasn’t anything wrong or illegal or unexpected to anyone who knows me; but as I forget they don’t live in my world maybe they forget what mine is like.