You shall go to the gig!

I don’t get to many gigs, between the cost of some of them these days and the brats more often then not I find myself in the position of wishing I could go and it just not happening.

When I heard that the Evelyn Evelyn gig was happening, I decided I was going, it was far enough out that I could make arrangements, so the tickets were booked. Then there was a fecking natural disaster!

Boyfriend stranded in Holland, the band and crew for Evelyn Evelyn stranded also and due to having to work late
my sitter had to cancel, but Amanda Palmer made it and is doing a solo gig. My co parent has offered to take a half day from work and as it turns out there will be a fair few people I know still going to the gig and I have even manged to arrange a lift in.

Note to self: Be your own fairy godmother more often, you’re worth it.

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