what was, what is , what will be.

Went to the dr before Gealcon and got anti bios turns out I have a chest infection, nearly over it at last.
I wasn’t able to go out the Friday before the con was in bed in a heap. Thankfully the kids had been whisked off to wexford for a few
days and my bf came to mind me.

Did not feel able to go to the con on the Saturday spent most of it at home and finally crying about my Gran and coughing up vile green stuff. Had but of off a lot but with someone there that was willing to hold me and wipe away my tear it was easier.
I did go out to the Fancy dress fun raiser Saturday night but only after 6 different people had been in touch and nagged me in it.
This was an odd night, no drinking due to not being well and I didn’t stay out long but it was nice to see people and get hugs and to meet Lou’s new chap.

Got home slept, got up at 8 am to print up the scenario and have breaky. The 40 gig drive I had in my pc went on the fritz again 🙁 the character sheet that I had not out into the ms publisher rewrite were not to be found. Well I now have a gmail account for saving everything too. There was much upset and stomping and kicking of walls and crying.

Did what I could, got a taxi to the con. It seemed rather quiet. Said hello to a few people, cringingly handed in the scenario.
The table I ran went well it was fun and there was someone involved in the scene that took the time to talk to me about it afterward they had enjoyed it and so did the other people at the table. Went and grabbed a bit to eat and then topped up on paracetamals and went and played the vampire game that was on in the afternoon.

The game went well enough. It was incredibly frustrating to try play as a group to achieve an objective or a goal when on the persons sitting beside you has either 3/4 of thier back turned to you as they play to thier friend at the end of the table or are for the rest of the time ignoring you or talking over you at the person gming the game.
If you only want to play with your friend that the tables then don’t sit down at a table with 4 other people on it, ESP if you are ment to be playing the group leader.

IC/OCC one of the people at the table got very upset at the endgame of the scenario played out and the twist was revealed. It was hard to tell if the upset or shock being betrayed was in char or out of char, I tried addressing them IC and explaining as was asked why my char came to certain conclusions but when some one snaps at you and then starts to cry I tend to decided that I am finished playing or explaining.

I was at this stage utterly exhausted. I did get a bunch of the big d10 from the box of the door and did get to have my yearly 3 minute conversation with Dorian part of the Gealcon experience for me each year. Planning on giving some of them to my kids teachers for the kids in the class room to play with. The gamer virus still spreads. I said good bye to people and set about getting home ASAP and ordered Chinese as I was not up to cooking anything. Ate food and was in bed before ten.

Woke up the next morning at 6 am to spend the next few hours being horrendously ill and not being able to get away from the toilet oh the joy of good poisoning. I do feel really really shitty that things went so badly for the entire weekend and that I let people down. But I did the best I could. Spent most of Monday in bed. My ex was due home and my bf was so worried about me that he talked my into coming to stay over in his the Monday night. He is still living at home but his parents are wonderful people.

The next day it was up and home and had a bath and a much needed nap and then up to my parents house and to the removal of my Gran from the funeral home to the church and then to the pub to talk and mingle with family and friends.

The funeral the next day was very hard and I cried buckets but I did have my bf there to hold my hand and two of my friends there to suport me. Thank you both. During the traditional adding earth to the grave my aunt Ann slipped, she then totter backwards and I just grabbed her to make sure she didn’t go any further back. As amusing that it would have been to have some one land thier arse on the coffin it would not have been good for her or the rest of the family. It was then back to the reception for sandwiches and to talk to family and to talk about Gran and to sign the remembrance book. I didn’t stay long but left to go home and curl up in my bed cry a heap more and then slept before my children arrived home.

I love my kids they are a joy. Thursday through to Sunday was spent with them, playing with them catching up on the cleaning I had not been able to do cos I had been sick, going to bed early and getting over this damned chest infection.

Yesterday I was happy just to be going no where and to be pottering about the kitchen making roast stuffed garlic chicken and honey roast ham while they and thier friends made the biggest adventure hopscotch all over the garden out on to the path and on to parts of the road. Street chalks rock. The hopscotch ran up to 56 and whiles not a traditional hopscotch it was bordering on a work of art and it kept 7 kids happy and busy for over two hours.

Had some very interesting conversations with my 5 year old will write about them later.

Life goes on, the sun rises and sets. Hmmm maybe I should have not watched fiddler on the roof twice this weekend.

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  1. Hope that you get better soon – funerals are never easy, the passage that you wrote about it reminds me of my grandmothers funeral several years ago and I found it very moving. Your talk about your kids is making me even more broody than normal though – they sound adorable.

    Best wishes,


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