Well Filk me!

After a conversation with a friend who had commented in my ability to pervert just about the lyrics of any song and in time and rhyme
I explained to them that doing such had a long tradition and that I didn’t mean jut bawdy songs but what is known as filk. Filk? they replied what’s that? Filk was something I discovered years ago in the back of a Dragon magazine a rewording of the song “The boxer” so that the chorus ran “Roll the die, roll the die die die die die”
If your groaning at that this is either going to get better or worse 😀

Ah the art of filking isn’t that well known alas at conventions here as it is in the UK or in the USA, it is the art of writing or re wording songs usually about sci/fantasy themes. One example is the Very Scary solstice album which feature such songs as "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth" "It’s the Most Horrible Time of the Year" and "Away in a Madhouse". My favourite Cthulhu filk has to be "Hey there Cthulhu"

My fav sicfi one after that has to be the Honour Harrington Ballads esp "No quarter". So I like filk it’s fun, there is more then just Werd AL mind you "Saga begins" is one that still gets sung in this house hold and the kids are still working on learning all the words.

So I was thrilled to find out that not only is Mercedes Lackey the author of a lot of books I have enjoyed but that she is also a filker.
She preforms and writes filk and has one awards for doing so and some of it is based on her books. Squeeeeeetastic imho 🙂

So here’s two of her’s I found, even if none likes them or loathes them I want to scrap book them here. Mercedes Lackey – Warrior
and Mercedes Lackey – Mirror Spell

In hope that I will learn the lyrics and inflict my, ahem singing of them on some poor unfortunates in the future. Now if only I can track down the filk based on

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