That by which we call a brain fart…..

Are they till scriblings ?
That is the question that rampaged around my mind last night as I tried to get to sleep.
I have always refered to what ever I managed to get arround to writing fiction wise as my scriblings.
This has been the case for years and years.
But honestly as I have been trying to tackle Nawrinamo of what ever the hell it is called,
I find my self not being as comfy with the term.
Surely they should be typings ? or even typos ?
Well scriblings referenced the fact that my hand writing can be an untter unfathomable scrawl and the possible direness and incomprehensibility of what I had written to any one but me.

Is the pc keyboard that different ?
I know that sitting here it is a lot easier to edit , re eidt and edit things again which can be a trap in it’s self.
Thankfully it also allows me to try and adjust spelling of certain words when I need to.
/shrug I did infact spell incomprehensibility correctly but nawrinomo just didnt’ stick in my head.
I don’t know I guess at least doing this is putting to rest any idea I might be Jo March scribbling away in the attic.

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