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Silly bitches bringing dogs to school.

Seriously what is your damage?
The school’s policy states no dogs on the school grounds, that means don’t bring the bloody thing when collecting the kids.
Standing at the edge of school property is taking the piss.

How selfish are you, walk the dog before doing the school pick up or after,
plenty of kids are scared of dogs and school should be a safe place and they don’t need to have gone back to school and then try and get passed you and your mutt to get to the lollipop lady.

Don’t be bringing a huge fecking dog with you have some sense, I saw one child nearly knocked out on to the road by a boxer dog who’s owner wasn’t in control of the dog.

Don’t be bringing your little yappy snappy dog either, lil vicious breeds which were bred to hunt rats, they make so much noise it pissed everyone off, well done your inconsideration had 3 terrorised kids holding their hands over their ears.

Don’t be brining your mutt out around a throng of school kids when you cant’ control the damn dog and are being pulled around by it, esp when it objects to some other idiot’s dog and tries to start a fight snarling. Don’t try and blame the other dog, get you and the dog away instead of trying to tough it out at the school gate.

Leave the dog at home.