Sorry I can’t come out tonight I am dying my labia!

So it turns out keep young a beautiful is no longer just about your face if your female.

Vulva’s come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours just like women do and
that colour can change due to a range of things. Usually phyical maturity does it, just like how a woman’s nipples darken with maturity, pregnancy and breastfeeding so too can vulva. This got covered in this little snip which I have to say was informative and damn funny as the men on the panel try to not look uncomfortable.

But the vulva model is very bright in colour and appears to have really no clit.

Lipstick mimics on the face the flushed colorful appearance of the lips of the vulva when there is increased blood flow to the area, but is seems that with women being more aware of the look of their genitals they want them to be a prettier colour or to look younger.

Personally I am baffled by this but there has been a product released to do this, I know after anus bleaching kits I shouldn’t be that surprised but I am.
The labia dye kit is called My New Pink Button and comes in a range of shades named after film stars, apprently after being applied to the area it last 48 to 72 hours.

As if women don’t have enough to be worrying about and enough cosmetic procedures to do before a date, never mind this, and I really can’t see this being a good thing for the health aspects of introducing pretty unnecessary chemicals.

Speaking of which I have also recently discovered vagina mints.
I’m not kidding, as if the natural odours of the yoni were as bad as someone with bad breath. It’s called Linger and apprently you insert them and they slowly dissolve and given that the main ingredient is sugar it’s a good way to get thrush, you may has well have the natural yogurt on stand by or just skip the mint and have your partner use a dollop of yogurt instead.

I know there maybe women out there who will feel better about themselves if they think they have the pinkest mintiest pussy ever but the thoughts of it make me and my yoni cringe.

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