Rock paper scissors.

Judge Rules Dispute to Be Settled By ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ Match

June 7, 2006 — A federal judge ordered two attorneys to settle their dispute by using the children’s playground game “rock, paper, scissors.”

The ruling yesterday by Judge Gregory Presnell of the U.S. District Court in Orlando, Fla., stated that he was so dissatisfied
with the case’s “latest in a series of Gordian knots” that he is fashioning “a new form of alternative dispute resolution.”

Seems like a simple kid’s game doesn’t it?

But any sort of game has its strategies (wow sorry personal moment I spelt that right first time huzzah) and with

Rock paper scissors being played for the most part best out of 3 then you are into the complexities of what will work and reading you opponent. There are a hell of a lot more pieces in chess and more strategies and gambits but end of the day it is about getting inside your opponents head and how they think and watching their reactions and reading them.

The same can be said about poker, once you have mastered the game and the probabilities and possibilities then all the is left is the person opposite you. And in learning to read other people you learn a lot about yourself.

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