New rape figures released.

Two new sets of numbers released were today.

One stating that for month of July 39 women attended the Sexual Assault and Treatment Unit (SATU) at the city’s Rotunda Hospital
and for the month of June 31 women were examined.

That is 70 women in the space of two months and that is only in Dublin and only those who came forward for treatment.

On average out of those who do go to the Rape crises centre and those who do attend the Sexual Assault and Treatment Unit
only 10% will go to the garda.

So out of those 70 women only 7 will look to file reports and start the long and horrible process of helping to compile a file to be submitted to
the dept of prosecution.

The second set of numbers say that 5% of the cases reported to the garda are taken by the DPP to court.

So not even one of those 7 women may get a court date after all the humiliation telling their friends and family and statements and the physical collection of evidence

And having it known with in their community that they were raped.

Currently from the time a person is charged with rape until there is a day in court there is a waiting time of 118 weeks. Yes, weeks that is over two years.

So by the time a victim (who is treated under law as just a witness) gets to testify in court a lot of them will have healed and dealt with the issue to some degree and find all their wounds ripped open again and many can’t face it and ask for the charges to be dropped rather then put themselves and their family through all of this again.
Also all the resleased data is about sexual assualt and rape of women only and men are not factored in to them.

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