I know know it is Pink! but is for a such needed cause.

I don’t do the pink thing esp the vibrant pink as anyone who knows me is aware.
But there are times when I will associate myself with things that are pink.
The breast cancer awareness and fund raising for mammograms is one of those causes I will suffer pink for.

I do have a sliver version of the breast cancer ribbon on a sliver chain which was bought for me by my father.
Last year he bought one for all this daughters, there are cases of cancer in the family of various types,
his sister died of cancer and a double mastectomy didn’t save her. He asked me to mind myself and get check ups not just for his peace of mind or my own sake but for the sake of my children esp as I am now over 30 so that they will have me in their lives for as long as possible.
This month he travelled to my cousins wedding and watch the son of his sister who passed away get married, which was a sad and joyous occasion.

Every woman should know how to do a breast check the same as every man should know how to to a ball check.
When it comes to lumps and cancer the sooner you get it seen to by a dr the more options you have.

Ireland has a shocking rate of both breast cancer and of cervical cancer. There is not the services there should be to make sure that the medical check ups are done and the correct results are delivered promptly.

So for the ladies or the ladies in your life

And for the men or the men in your life.

You can also help by taking part in the one daily click at http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/clickToGive

The Hunger Site

http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/”>The Breast Cancer Site

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