I ain’t dead.

I have been battling a chest infection for the last week and it’s been winning was at the dr and have been giving fecking horse tables of amoxicilllin, between that and not sleeping and what now seem to be my lemsip habit, I just don’t currently have the mental clarity to be doing well anything. I stood staring at my sock drawer unable to decided between stripey and non stripey so long I zoned out completely.

I got asked what I was planning on doing for dinner yesterday and couldn’t think and nearly started crying, I don’t want to think about what still needs to be done for the festive season.

At least the tablets from the Dr and the two types of steroid creams for my psoriasis seem to be starting to work and my face no longer looks like I “had a bit of an argument with a cheese grater” and that quote was from my Dr, wonder lady but was trying to make me laugh to make me cough again.

The kids are ok, thankfully not sick and not poking too much fun at my lack of brain, I can’t focus enough to read anything for any length of time and when I try to watch a movie find myself staring into space and I have not had a cup of coffee in 5 days, the sooner I am out of this hell the better.

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