Here comes the New trek same as the Old Trek…..

I certainly have mixed feelings about this, I am worried it is a sad way to rehash and reboot the franchise.
Trekdom I feel has been in decline from when DS9 ended and Stargate then took over as the leading scifi show.
It’s been nearly 10 years from when DS9 ended and that is a long time in the minds of T.V. audiences and a new generation of kids grew up with their parents not watching voyager or enterprise cos lets face it they were crap. Even Q could not inject life into voyager and enterprise was a lame as it’s opening song, ( which had lyrics!!!!)

So new Trek which is old Trek re imagined ( Gods I HATE that term) with new younger actors.


Yup Mr Lost is invovled with this one, is he a Josh Weldon clone or is there some sort of secret rite where
the new golden boy of t.v. is crowned and the networks install them on a throne and suck out all their
creative ideas ( no matter how lame ) and work them to death until the break and can only write musicals ?

Also some chars transcend who ever plays them, yes each actor adds flavour but the chars are larger then they are and live and breath for generations and many different performances like Hamlet ( except when played by mel gibson, mental floss please! ) who really was the first big procrastinating emo.


Are Bones, Scott, Uhura ( who’s back story was wonderful but never used in ST:TOS, Michele Nichols Bio is a wonderful read. ) Spock, Checkov Epic enough ? They are not The Doctor certainly but will this end up looking like and feeling like high end fanboy indulgence;
as those who just about remember ST:TOS the first times around in it’s first syndication runs are staring to feel old and want to relive their youth ?

I don’t know, I most likely will give it a watch to see what has been done with it; most likely a mid week early afternoon showing which will be mostly empty so my groans and hysterical giggles don’t get me ejected.

P.S. it’s, not, Kirk! but Capt Pike we get to see before he ends up in a darlek halfshell and having sex with a human female for aliens with Bum heads to ‘observe’ no doubt for their own version of hysterical giggles.

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