gifts ?

Gifts come in many shapes and forms and sizes.

They can range from peace of mind, to just what you always wanted, to what you needed, what you never knew you needed; they can be tangible or intangible.

I unexpectedly got given on this evening a gift.
To most it would not even be a gift, but what it means to me and what it has done is beyound measure.
It was an image file of a photo that I had forgetten was even taken.

What makes it so remarkible is that I can not find anything wrong with it.
Every photo I have ever seen of me I have disliked for at least 3 or 4 reasons.
Hell I have the top seven reasons I hate the way I look in photos and I hit 4 to 7 on a regular basis.
I don’t share what they are for the most part with anyone, people don’t see what I see.
I made peace ages ago that I am not photogenic, I am not pretty, I may be on ocassion charismatic but cameras don’t capture that.
A still life Jan does not work.

And then I got sent a pic of me and the only faults I can find are not with me but with the graininess or the dim light. Ok I know  there is not a huge ammount of me in the pic ( be greatful for that trust me lol ) but what there is I can not find fault with.

This is for me very werid, what paralell dimension did I sidestep into ? or what has gone wrong with my brain.
I am still trying to puzzle that bit out but there it is, it exists a picture of me I don’t wince, frown, roll my eyes at, or sigh at. Are you scared yet ? cos I think I am.

This may take a while to process. Things may not be the same, things have changed.
Is there a better gift ? esp when the person who took it and sent it on to me had no idea of the impact it might and indeed has had.
Boggle ! Right I am going to bed maybe this was a dream or nightmare I can’t decide.

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