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After rereading the last entry I ended up thinking a bollix word relationship is.
Really and why on earth should one type of relationship get to be called that?
I have many relationships of varying types.
All relationships change, really they have or like anything else that is alive they wither and die or if you’re really unlucky they rot.
Some of the most restrictive relationships can be with family who have come to see you in a certain way and know most of your
Faults and flaws and have certain expectations on what you will and won’t do and what you can and can’t do.
The film in her shoes was a good example of that.
The same can be said of relationship with people who you grow up with or people who get used to seeing you in a certain way
And when you feel the need to change yourself and your life resist seeing you in another way.

I value greatly the people in my life I have an intimate relationship with and ESP those that I have been in my life for a long while
And have hung in there despite unpredictibity for it to go from boredom to bucking bronco.

What is with all the pressures and expectations and supposed rules for so called romantic relationships?
I have always believed no one person can be everything to anyone’s.
Funny how misconstrued and clouded communications can get when relationships change and evolve.
Between parents and children, siblings, friends and lovers.

Sometimes when relationships change or the people in them under go a period of change it is the death knell for them.
The best relationships as far as I can tell are those that allow the people in them to change and the relationship to evolve
But manage to keep to the basics of what makes them work.

No matter how transient a relationship is or how long it lasts or what twists it may take it is what we gain and give to them
as people come into our lifes in many many different ways that makes them all worth while.

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