Comments policy.

I’ve not been bothered to have one of these explicitly spelt out, but after a few surges of hits to here and a selection of comments which followed all with in the same day and a very narrow time period and the ping backs have showed me were they came from well.
I am putting one in place.

I had expected there to be rational arguments and a civil discourse even with people who have differing opinions and view to my own. I enjoy discussion and debate.

But I won’t ever be publishing comments which denigrate me. If that is all your are aiming for with your comments then you are wasting your time.

I’ve tracked people back to their place of work, and raised the issue of them breaking their work code of conducts and the companies contract with their ISP due to the nature of comments left here and I’ll do it again.

And as for the clever bunnies who are bouncing via a shell in the Netherlands, those ips are now blocked.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, I do expect that disagreement to be expressed in a non dickhead manner. If you can manage that, then jog on.

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