So the last of the easter egg chocolate meet it’s doom over the weekend while we were stuck in due to the bad weather. It was the traditional doom of being made into chococrispybuns.

I like spending time cooking with the kids, it means we have all sorts of interesting conversations
and yes the first two were about they symbolic nature of an egg in different belief stems and chocolate being sacred and when it comes from and the difference between what is chocolate, what’s sort of chocolate and whats not chocolate. They finally got to try herseys ‘chocolate’ over the weekend as well and both declared it to be NOT chocolate.

There was a casualty, the 5 liter baking bowl; with that much chocolate to break up and supervising the kids I failed to notice that bowl started to melt, annoying but I had a back up and I have been promising myself a proper earthenware one for a while.
There were discoveries, the ice cream scoop is the perfect measure and tool for filling the paper cases in one go, also it seems that the paper cases with the red carnations on them apparently make them taste nicer then the plain white ones.

This lead to a very interesting discussion on presentation, packaging and branding with the kids and does it matter and should it matter, I love the way their minds work and the questions they ask,
esp when all we are doing is mucking about in the kitchen and watching the rain.

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