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I do social media management for a range of accounts, from events, campaigns and communities as well as consult to created engagement strategies for more accounts.

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I also have worked to re brand and created new presences for older businesses.
I have also delivered talks and workshops on a range of topics.
I have interviewed people of interest at events, for broadcast recording and live on radio.
I create podcasts.


I have started to do workshops and talks again, if you are interested in having me do one for your group get in touch. Currently I am prepared to talks and workshops on the following:


21st Century parenting

How to best keep up with what your kids are doing online. How to set good rules and boundaries on online interactions and intrusions from online into the family home.


What is Consent and why it matters

Consent is key to every interaction we have with another person it is an expression of respect, both of others and of ourselves. Why consent for every day interactions important? How can we be more mindful of consent in our interactions.


Having The Talk: a workshop for parents

Talking to pre teens and teens about sexual and sexuality can be tricky. It can be sometimes hard to find the balance between being too clinical or too casual or to serious. This workshops helps parents become informed as possible and become more comfortable in answering questions and having those conversations.



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