Abortion Support Network takes it’s 1,000th call.

Abortion Support Network is run by a group of volunteers and is a registered charity. They take calls from people in Ireland who need to travel to the UK for an abortion and can’t afford to.

They offer help & support, from a place to say to a grant towards the cost. Needless to say with austerity they have had many more desperate people ringing them.

They recently took their 1,000 call. 1,000th desperate pregnant people have rang to talk to a complete stranger to beg for money so that they could try to travel to the UK. They have already done things like, returned presents, not payed bills, sold what ever they could to try and raise the money.

Abortion Support Network can only help if it keeps getting donations. The Abortion Rights Campaign has often had collections to try and help, there were donation buckets at the March4choice after party. But if you can please consider donating to Abortion Support Network over the next few months. You never know when someone you know might need their help.


Please call, text or email us to get more information, or discuss your circumstances:

Phone: +44 (0) 7897 611593

Please leave a message and we will call you back if there is no one to answer when you call.

Email: info@abortionsupport.org.uk

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