150,000 Irish women have traveled to the Uk for abortions.

Today is international decriminalise abortion day.
Over the last 32 years 150,000 women have traveled to the Uk for abortions for a range of reasons.
For the last 20 of those years, successive governments have ignore the High Court ruling from the X case, forcing women who had according to the High Court a legal right to have their abortion here.

I’ve written about this before, indeed it’s been about 7 years from my post here about
how we all know someone who has had an abortion. At the current rate of 12 women a day
that mean aprox 30,660 women in the intervening time has had to travel to the UK for an abortion.

It’s someone you know in your life and as the British Pregnancy Adversary Service says,
would you want to see her in jail?


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