100 merits

oth brats came home with their certs for 100 merits.
They can get 5 per day ergo 25 a week, but incomplete homework, lateness,
misbehaviour and being absent costs/looses them merits.

So week 6 of school and they both have more then enough merits and got their certs. I am so happy and relieved. With my daughter being now in the snr school I was worried she would get the cert and her older brother wouldn’t but it turns out he is on par with her and the rest of the class with the merits for the first time in 2 years. He is very pleased with himself and is just glowing with self confidence.

They also have no home work which is wonderful and due to my sinus being painful their Dad is paying for take out for dinner as a celebration ( this something we rarely get ). They choose pizza and will be annoying the staff of the local dominoes with what they want on their personal pizza’s and I don’t have to cook.

Happy kids and less hassle I guess this day does have a silver lining.

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